Thanks to YOUR support, in June, we distributed school supplies to 36 girls at the FAWE school in Freetown.  Your donations made this possible and helped to cover shipping costs from USA to the school.

The girls were elated to receive the supplies and you can see the excitement and broad smiles on their faces in the photos. They send their deep appreciation to YOU for helping to get these supplies to them.

See more photos of smiling girls with school supplies.

Getting girls in school is one thing.  The next best thing that we can do is to ensure that they have the tools needed to learn.  Thanks to your kindness the girls have the supplies that they need from notebooks to pens, pencils, sharpeners etc. 

By providing these supplies free to the girls we are saving the parents from spending their meager resources in purchasing these supplies.  

Together we are helping to educate girls and educate Sierra Leone.  

Together we are truly helping to ensure a better educational foundation for the women who will be the future leaders of Sierra Leone.  

Together we are helping to reinforce the quality of education that these girls are receiving.

Together we brought smiles to the face of these precious girls.

Together we are making a difference.

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